• The competition has to be organized in a manner of rise, so that the competition starts with the light lifters and end with the heavy lifters.
  • Lifters should, if required, check Squat and Bench Press rack heights and foot block requirements during these periods prior to the start of the competition.
  • 10 or less lifters in a session must lift in one Flight. 10-15 lifters in a session may be divided into two flights though again one Flight if preferable.
  • Over 15 lifters must be split into appropriate Flights. The appointed GPA Contest Officials shall make decisions on such divisions, in conjunction with the competition Organizing Committee.
  • Wherever possible lifters in the same body weight category should all compete in the same flight.
  • Flights should be classified “A”, “B”, “C”, etc. Flight “A” will normally consist of lifters in one body weight category, Flight “B” the next higher body weight category, and so on. Should the amount of lifters in any particular category necessitate that category being split into more than one Flight, and then the first Flight should consist of lifters with lower totals than the second Flight and so on, based on previous best total results. 
    Exception: Competitions combining men and women lifters may make different determinations.
  • Where there are multiple Flights, Flight “A” will complete all three rounds of the Squat (all three attempts), then Flight “B” will make all three rounds of the Squat, and so on, repeating the same process for the Bench press and Dead Lift.
  • When there is more than one Flight in a session, the lifting will be organized on an alternating flight base. Consequently, a time interval between flights is not required other than the time necessary for arranging the platform. Lifters not in the first Flight will be able to warm-up while the first Flight is being conducted.
  • If a lifting session consists of a single Flight, at least 20 a 30-minute interval will be taken between lifts in order to ensure adequate warm-up time.
  • In the event that the number of lifters in a flight drops to ten or less, there will be an automatic 5 minute rest following the completion of all first attempts, then again after all record attempts.
  • All lifters will take their first attempt in the first round, their second attempt in the second round and their third attempt in the third round.
  • The bar must be loaded progressively during a round on the principle of a raising bar. At no time will the bar be reduced within a round except for errors as described herein, and then only at the end of the round.
  • Lifting order in each round will be determined by the lifter’s choice of weight per attempt. When two lifters choose the same weight, the lifter with the lowest lot number drawn prior to weigh-in, will lift first.
  • A lifter will not be allowed to call for a weight lower than the attempted in the previous round.
  • If unsuccessful with an attempt, the lifter will wait until the end of the round before attempting that weight again.
  • All attempts taken over due to a scorekeeper’s error, loader’s or spotter’s error, or for any other reason, except failure for the lifter to be announced, will occur at the end of the round in which the error occurred, regardless of the progressive advancement of the bar. If such an error occurs to the last lifter in the round, the error will be corrected immediately and the lifter will be given the opportunity to take the attempt over within four minutes of the bar being loaded.

    Also, if such an error occurs to the first lifter in a round, and the attempt is repeated at the end of the round with the lifter again the first lifter in the next round, then four minutes will be allowed between the repeated attempt at the end of the round and the next attempt by the same lifter at the beginning of the following round. These are two of the rare occasions when lifters will follow themselves.
  • A lifter is permitted one change of weight on the first attempt of each lift. This change may take place at any time, up to five minutes before the start of the first round of that lift. Lifters in following Flights are accorded the same privilege up to five attempts from the end of the previous Flight’s final round. The speaker will announce prior notice of these deadlines. Oversights in making these announcements should not be at the jeopardy of the lifter. The three platform referees or GPA Contest Officials shall rule on such discrepancies that arise.
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